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Do you suffer from Hot Flashes? Night Sweats? Our comfy bedding and sleepwear can help you get a good night's sleep. The same moisture-wicking technology that makes our Fast-Dry towels so effective is also wonderful to sleep in, or on! Our Hot-Flash pillowcases and nighties contain  Polygiene Silver, to kill bacteria. This helps keep them fresher, longer. 

Discovery Trekking's Hot Flash Nighties

Having your own personal summer? Our Hot-Flash nighties will help keep you dry and comfortable. They are made from a special style of lightweight Polartec® Powerdry®. The Silver in the fabric kills bacteria and odor. 
Even if you aren't experiencing night sweats, these nighties are simply wonderful to sleep in. 

The style is a short sleeve, round neck.  If you prefer a sleeveless style, check out the new tank nightie.  Many ladies tell us the tank style is an excellent swimsuit cover-up!

For over your nightie, we now offer the Stay Cool Housecoat which doubles as a great Pool wrap over a swimsuit.

Moisture-Wicking Bedding

The sheet and pillowcase fabric is lighter and silkier than the towels, but the theory is the "pulls" moisture from the skin and allows for fast evaporation.  The sheet covers lie on top of your sheets, and can be tucked in at the bottom of your mattress, if you like. The fabric pulls moisture from your body as soon as you start to perspire, keeping you dry.  It's lovely to sleep on because the fabric feels soft, but it can make a huge difference in your sleep, when you experience night sweats.

This sheet cover is also very effective for people with burns or skin disorders that require extra hygienic, antimicrobial fabrics to help in the fight against germs. This fabric contains Silver Ion which is permanently anti-microbial... it doesn't wash out like other treatments. It can be used in home or hospital for a comfortable, wicking, washable sheet cover that is soft and luxurious to sleep on. There are so many uses for these wonderful covers, we can't begin to mention them all!

The sheet covers are a beautiful Champagne (cream) color. The pillowcases are available in both champagne and white.

Hot Flash Nighties

Hot Flash Nighties

Having your own personal summer? Our Hot-Flash nighties will help keep you dry and comfortable.

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Super lightweight "Hot flash" Nighties

An even lighter version of our famous "Hot Flash" moisture-wicking nighties

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Tank Style Nightie

A great nightie, but also perfect for the beach!

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Hot Flash Wicking Pillowcase

These wonderful silky-feeling pillowcases keep everyone more comfortable.

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Hot Flash Wicking Sheet Covers

Super lightweight stretch fabric sheet covers, that tuck in the top and bottom of your bed keeping you dry and comfy.

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