Equine + Marine Related Products

We're real people at Discovery Trekking.

We work hard, but we also play hard. We enjoy the outdoors and live in a beautiful and rugged part of British Columbia.   You may wonder why a clothing company offers products for Equine and Dogs.

We've always had animals. Our pets inspire us, but also create challenges. Sometimes the products we design are as a result of  customer suggestions, but most often they are a solution to a problem we've experienced in our own lives.

The Saddle skirt, which is a garment worn by a rider to protect their saddle and themselves from rain or snow, was designed at the request of a family member. It's a wonderful product, and has been welcomed by the equine community.

Pee-Off, Dumb Cat, and Poop-Off for Birds were not created by Discovery Trekking. They are simply the best products anywhere for dealing with pet stains. We had the problem, we looked for the solution. Now we can offer it to you, too.




Quick Grab Car Wipes

Use Quick Grab Car Wipes to clean up fresh or dried bird droppings and other messes.

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Saddle Skirt

A wind and water repellent skirt to protect your expensive saddles from rain and snow while riding.

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Pee-Off Stain & Odor Remover

Pee-Off contains 5 targeted enzymes that digest ALL of the components of urine.

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Pet Urine Locator Black Light

Our custom made mini light clearly reveals urine, feces and cat spray invisible to the naked eye.

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Dumb Cat Stain & Odor Remover with Repellent

The most effective product on the market to get cats and kittens back to using their litter box and removing cat urine.

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Poop Off for Birds

Poop Off for Birds...the easiest way to clean bird cages & perches.

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