Gripping Clips by Gloveguard

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These wonderful patented gripping clips are made by Gloveguard, and were intended to attach safety gloves to clothing in work settings, so they're always handy. Wonderful for garden gloves, too... but we've discovered that they are fantastic for keeping your towel close by when you want it, attaching it to a golf cart, your belt loop, or wherever you want to hang it to either dry or use.

These are great for hanging towels out to dry on a sailboat, RV, fence or branch. Also perfect for hanging other products to dry when travelling.

They are the best way to keep mittens attached to jackets, and backpackers love them for holding gloves or towels to their backpacks. You'll find many other uses!


The regular has one large side (about 2") and one smaller side (about 1½")... approx. 5" overall. Perfect for holding gloves, eyeglass cases, utility items.

The small ones are 1½" on each side... best suited for our towels, particularly the small ones which many runners & golfers use. They are approx. 4" long overall.

All styles feature the safety break-away design.

The patented Glove Guard® has a 10+ year proven record in the industrial market as a valuable safety tool.

  • Improves Hand Safety as much as 86%! Workers keep their gloves with them, so they have them when they're needed!
  • Completely Dielectric
  • Secure Locking provides resilience and "creep" resistance
  • Resists fatigue, mechanical damage, and chemical attack
  • Safety Break-away design

Perfect for:

  • Maintenance - Transit - Construction - Utility - Industrial
  • Automotive - Environmental - Electrical - Emergency/Medical
  • Sports - Travel - Backpacking - Boating - Camping - RV's


Regular - approx. 2"

Small - 1½" - best suited for our towels

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