Pee-Off Stain & Odor Remover

16 oz. 480 ml : $14.50 USD
32 oz. 960 ml refill: $18.95 USD
128 oz. 3.84 L: $49.95 USD

You might wonder why a product that removes Urine is on this site.

The reason is Stuart.

Stuart likes to "mark" with urine. We tried every major brand that claimed to remove urine, but none truly worked. Pee-Off was so effective, we became a distributor. Many brands contain generic enzymes. All urine is comprised of Uric Acid, sticky mucous, marking scent and pheromones. Pee-Off contains 5 targeted enzymes that digest ALL of the components of urine. It doesn't just mask it, or remove the "stain". It takes a few days, but actually digests urine. The safe bacteria process the component until it is gone. Then the bacteria go dormant for up to two years waiting for a targeted component to reappear! Pee-Off is the choice of zoos and humane societies. Try it and you'll know why!

Pee-Off works on all pet or human urine, and also on vomit, blood, soda, cat spray, food, feces, etc.

Control flow brush head assures even application and reduces product usage.  The brush is good for reaching deep into carpet fibers, or scrubbing into rough surfaces to aid product penetration.

Our very pleasant product fragrance has been tested to be safe around all pets. This product can also be used safely in reptile and small animal cages with the pet in the cage.

It is very easy to use... simply saturate carpet with solution. After 90 minutes blot with a wet sponge, brush or rag. You may notice an immediate change... this is not an instant process... it is a biological process that takes some time. if the urine is very deep, or the area dries too quickly, you may reapply the Pee-Off after a week has passed. Do not reapply it before then, as it can slow down the process.



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