SHUTOUTâ„¢ NanoSilver Cleaning Products

Silver is an amazing simple language it kills bacteria and virus by smothering the bacteria molecule. For thousands of years, Silver has been used to fight disease, keep water pure, and promote health.  If you've been looking through our site, you've seen the other products we offer that contain silver, such as our moisture-wicking towels, pillowcases, shirts and nightwear.

We were very excited to find ShutOut Nano-Silver products.  They have amazing antibacterial benefits, and we are proud to be a distributor of ShutOut.  We feel their product line of athletic spray and detergent, fit our company's philosophy of finding the very best products to meet your needs.

When we first starting using these products ourselves, we didn't realize how many different ways they could be used. The name "Shutout" is a Hockey term, which means no goals are scored by the opposing team. Shutout's main customers were hockey players, who tend to get a bit sweaty!  We think they've missed the boat, because this detergent is amazing for all kinds of things...not just sweaty uniforms. We've washed our down pillows, delicate lingerie, and our best sweaters in Shutout detergent.  It's particularly good for dishcloths and other "funky" smelling linens. Just soak them for a few minutes before the cycle. There is no smell, because the odor-causing germs are gone.   The Silver in retained in the fabric to keep you smelling fresh, longer.

The Shutout Gear Spray is wonderful for mattresses, pet beds, car seats, and furniture. We use it on saddles, dog collars, almost everything that can't be put in the washing machine.  It's completely safe and non-toxic. Many of the odor-sprays that are used to cover household smells are very unhealthy to breathe in. Not so with Shutout.

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