Slip-On Dancers

Smooth Dancers-Plain: $13.50 USD
Smooth Dancers-Pattern: $13.95 USD
Carpet Dancers-Plain: $14.50 USD
Carpet Dancers-Pattern: $14.95 USD

Slip-On Dancers give you the power of adjustable traction. They fit on regular shoes in seconds, may help reduce the risk of twisting knee injuries, and allow your hips to move more freely.

Most Cross Trainers and Running or Walking Shoes have large 'grips' in the ball of the foot providing traction, which is needed for activities like running or kick boxing.

In Latin dancing, however, there is more hip movement. If the foot stays gripped to the floor because of the shoe tread, the knee can be twisted. Even if no knee damage is sustained, your hips are constantly fighting the floor and your range of motion suffers.

Slip-On Dancers are specially designed to smooth the offending treads in the "Spin-Spot", allowing you to slide and spin as if you had on expensive dance shoes.

When choosing Slip-On Dancers, it's important to know that they are designed for running shoes. This means running shoes with large treads, not sneakers with a narrower profile and flat sole because the Slip-On Dancers will be more likely to fall off. When properly worn, you will be surprised at how much easier you will be able to dance in your running shoes.

Putting One On:

  • The easiest way to put on a Slip-On Dancer is to pull it on like a sock. If you're using the carpet dancer you will need to take extra care so it doesn't get caught on the treads. Stretch the elastic wide to go over the treads of the shoe, then pull it up like a sock
  • TIP: To get the most out of your Slip-On Dancers, make sure you place the ribbon side at the top of your foot. If the ribbon side is placed down (under the sole of your foot) there will be too much tension on the fabric and it will wear out quickly.

Available Styles:

You should choose a style according to the type of flooring where it will be used. 

  • Smooth Dancers: Especially made for smooth surfaces like wood, linoleum, or rubber.
  • Carpet Dancers: Best for dancing on carpet.

Volume discounts available for orders over one dozen.
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