Thanks to Roger Caffin (Australia) for his photo taken in the Swiss Alps. Roger tested our towel for the Backpack Geartest group.

The Exteme "Mini" makes a great hand towel and doubles as a sun-protective bandana.

Thanks to Active Planet Travels for this photo. They loved the towel (shown here in Olive Brown), and recommend it for camping and backpacking.

New colors

Extreme Ultralite Backpacking & Travel Towel

Ultralite Mini 19" x 19": $14.95 USD
Ultralite 34" x 28": $26.95 USD
Ultralite Large 34" x 58": $39.95 USD
Whale Tail Large 34" x 58": $59.95 USD

Our "EXTREME" ULTRA LIGHT  backpacking towel is a must-have for serious backpackers.  Featured in BACKPACKER magazine's most recent "Essential Gear Guide", you know it must be good!

The Extreme Ultralight is 34" x 28" and weighs under 3 ounces, so you can still carry a towel large enough for swimming or bathing! These pack into very small spaces.

If you are one of those "crazy" minimalists, we make an even smaller version below. Weighing approx. 1.3 oz, it's approx. 19" square, and  serves as towel, neck, or headgear. We've been told you can even strain your camp-coffee through it.  Now that's versatile!

NOTE:  By popular request, are now offering the Extreme Ultralite, in a Large full-size 34" x 58"  as well as the regular 34" x 28" Regular and 19" x 19" Mini.

Olive Brown, Red, and Royal Blue, Navy, and Charcoal!

 BIG NEWS! Introducing....the  "Limited Edition"  WHALE TAIL print. This is a once-only, extremely small run of a gorgeous whale print. This is actual photographs of  humpback whales as they breach in the water, each featuring a vibrant, new technology called "Kinetic colorization". These patterns will never fade. The Extreme Ultralite Whale-Tail special edition towels are only available only in Large34" x 58" size, while stock lasts. The perfect beach, swim, or travel towel. $59.95



We are often asked how much space our towels take up. We can offer the following comparisons, however keep in mind that even when you know the dimensions you can squish them down much smaller! There is not a lot of difference in volume, although the Extreme takes a bit less...but there is significant difference in weight between Ultra Fast-Dry and Extreme Ultralite styles.

58" x 34" (Our largest size)  Ultra Fast-Dry 7"x3"x3"  Extreme Ultralite 7"x2.5"x2.5"   (approx. 288 grams vs. approx. 162 grams for Extreme)

34" x 28" (Typical Backpackers choice)  Ultra Fast-Dry 7"x2.5"x2.5"    Extreme Utralite 7"x2"x2"    (approx. 139 grams vs. approx. 98 grams or less for Extreme)



Washing Instructions for Discovery Trekking towels - Warm (or Hot) Water, detergent of your choice. Wash as you would a favorite t-shirt! Hang, or dry in machine.
Note:  Should you find any smell lingering on your towels it is generally as a result of accumulation of body oil, lotions, deodorants, etc. To “unclog” the fibers and refresh your towel we recommend the following. Wash in warm or hot water without detergent, adding 1 cup of vinegar. Wash a 2nd time without detergent, adding ½ cup baking soda. They will be as good as new!  This is a great tip for any clothing that may require freshening.


Please Note:  If you select a size and a color choice does NOT come up, that simply means we are out of that size.  Please keep checking back as stock changes daily.


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