Waterproof Barrier Mask

Waterproof Barrier Mask

Non Medical Reusable Face Masks

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Comfortable fit , soft stretch binding for head-loop and neck ties, no irritating elastic ear loops. Moisture-wicking antimicrobial fabric lining will stay fresher .  

Non Medical Barrier Face Masks ( face covering ) are recommended by the CDC to be worn in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies), especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.

We designed this mask to serve 3 purposes. 
One, to provide a waterproof outer barrier against droplets or spatter. Medical experts advise that a non-absorbent barrier can block moisture. For this layer, we have chosen Polartec Neoshell. For more information on Neoshell visit Polartec.com
Two, to provide a lining that was comfortable and fast-drying... as breathing into any mask creates moisture. We believe that the moisture-wicking antimicrobial fabric lining will stay fresher as it contains Silver, which is known to discourage bacterial growth. 
Three, to offer a comfortable, fit without irritating ears with elastic. This is why we use soft stretch binding for head-loop and neck ties. 

NOTE  A barrier mask is intended to be worn for normal breathing conditions, not for those who are exercising or working hard with increased exertion that would cause the mask to interfere with increased air flow for heavy breathing

NOTE: We are mass producing in white and cream. There are a few charcoal grey and plum masks in stock. If you want to get these darker colors mention it in the comments as a 1st choice, but we don't guarantee you will get it if they sell out fast.
Also, if you are ordering for children, we do have a few with smaller headbands.  They are not for small children, they are just slightly smaller than the adult style. Again, ask in the comments.
It is crucial to wash the mask with warm soapy water and hang to dry after use. 
DISCLAIMER:  We are not medical experts, nor do we make any medical claims regarding the effectiveness of these masks. We assume no responsibility from the use or wearing of the mask, and strongly advise those considering mask purchase to carefully research all available sources and make your personal choice based on the information you gather. Our mask may not protect anyone from contacting a virus any other disease. Masks must be properly washed after each use. 
Bulk Purchases Available. Please contact for pricing.


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